Here's How To Hide Your Router In The Chicest Way

Get ready for your mind to be blown.

Exactly what you need:

*An ugly router
*A 1.5 inch binder (or as wide as you need to fit your router)
*Scrap fabric measuring approximately 14”x 26” (paper can also be substituted!)
*Hot glue gun
*Box cutter
*Printed out title and password for the book spine (optional)


Location the router in the binder, and also determine just how much added room you have.

Cut the flaps of the binder so it's formed even more like a publication, however can entirely cover the router. An item of scrap textile or paper can then be utilized to wrap the binder. Glue the fabric onto one the inside flap, and afterwards wrap and also glue around up until you reach the back.

Fold and also glue the textile with each other on either side of the binder back to produce a more practical spinal column. Continue glueing down the sides of the textile into the inside of the binder.

When completely dry, write or publish out your network name as guide title, and your password as the author into adhesive-backed paper. Stick this into the spinal column for a distinct means of displaying your info!