10 Mesmerizing GIFs of Small-Space Living

When you live life in only a few hundred square feet, a house needs to become a very fluid point. Tiny apartment or condos really exist in 4 measurements, and also without recording "time," it's impossible to genuinely reveal exactly what it's like to live small. Thankfully for everyone, the internet has actually embraced GIFs as a form of animated photo money, and even we can all see exactly how real people make small residences work.

Below are 10 animated GIFs that present a few of the most mesmerizing multi-tasking furnishings and modular homes across the world.

An arrangement from Matroshka Furniture

The Zoku Loft, a rentable 25-sq-m house in Amsterdam

The Modular House's Swiss Army Knife Home Office

The 5:1 Apartment in Gramercy Park, designed by MKCA

This school-bus-turned-dwelling, house of Hank Bought a Bus

6. The Miniature Moose's well-hidden room storage

This sofa/bed/chaise/ desk/armchair/dining table scenario from 3MOODS

When your coffee table is also a desk and dining table, like Eleonore Bridge's apartment or condo

Partywall, made by MKCA, which changes from a display screen to a celebration bar to a table for two

And this living-room that was developed for living with a custom-made furnishings option from Ruetemple