It is difficult to think that a superstar like Cristiano Ronaldo would relocate right into an apartment of just 230 square meters in New York, it is enough to take a look at the beautiful interior of the new home of the football player, to figure out why he spent in this house. With a salary of million euros (17 million in 2014), Cristiano Ronaldo would certainly pay for a palace, however this apartment provides him something unique, that justifies the quite high price.

Below's the new home of Cristiano Ronaldo as well as exactly what is the reason why he has actually chosen to live right here!

Files that Cristiano Ronaldo would certainly transfer to America after his contract with Real Madrid expires in 2018, have put on weight just recently after the football player bought an apartment in a skyscraper that belongs to Donald Trump. For this apartment of 230 square meters, he paid no less than 18.5 million dollars, regarding a salary. Although lots of would have anticipated a lot more dissipation from such a star, it seems that this apartment has something unique that warrants the hefty cost regardless of the not extremely generous space. It's about its structure, in L, which provides a 360 degree scenic view of the superb environments.

Situated on the famous Fifth Avenue, the apartment of Cristiano Ronaldo gives wonderful view from above, from where he can admire Central Park and other wonders of the area. Although it has practically glass walls, the apartment gives complete privacy, because of the floor where is located. Here are the images of this splendid five-star home!

When he looks out the window, Cristiano Ronaldo, unlike us, he doesn’t see a conglomerate of cars or concrete, but a lovely green area – Central Park in all its splendor.

The interior design was created by Pablo Molyneux, known for his grandiose and opulent style. Moreover, it is enough to take a look and you see that all these rooms are the definition of the word “luxury”.

Perhaps the most nice aspect, that makes the apartment very welcoming, despite the visible opulence, is the fact that it is very bright, so that every millimeter of it invites you to feel good and relax.

The kitchen is very small, but we assume that it is just for decor. When does a star like Cristiano Ronaldo cook?

The bathrooms are, indeed, the icing on the cake, since they are full of mirrors, marble and glass that shows the whole splendor of New York.